Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Best mns coaching in chandigarh

Coaching Feedback: Military Nursing Services-MNS Staff Nurse Recruitment Aspirant Kshitija Gautam.

We take pride in announcing that our student, Ms Kshitija Gautam, hailing from Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh), who joined Mantram Staff Nurse Coaching Academy in 2016 for coaching for Military Nursing Services (MNS) recruitment exam, cracked the exam-2017 in her maiden attempt. This rare achievement makes her the latest achiever of the institute, adding to its list of achievers of sorts. This is what Kshitija has to say about her achievement and the success story she scripted with her grit, determination and dedication, for others to emulate.

“I am a typical shy Himachali girl nurturing big dreams in life. To pursue a career in nursing, especially Military Nursing Service (MNS), had been my childhood dream as the olive green Army fatigue always fascinated me. I always wanted to pursue the passion, heart and soul, and make my family proud. The mission always reminded me of living the cherished childhood dream.  

With the mission well-defined in my heart of hearts, I embarked on the roller coaster journey with oodles of confidence. After obtaining a degree in B.Sc. nursing from Rajindra Hospital Patiala, I was looking for a perfect Staff Nurse coaching institute in Chandigarh with a proven record as could help me live the dreams clearly etched in my mind. As luck would have it, I chanced upon the official website of Mantram Nursing Academy in Chandigarh, flashing across a notice offering specialized coaching for MNS. And, lo, and behold, the institute I was actually looking for, was just a call away. A number of discreet inquiries online and I discovered, much to my satisfaction, that I have found a Staff Nurse coaching institute I was eagerly looking for.

What actually made me happy was that I cracked the MNS Nursing recruitment exam in my maiden attempt, which indeed is a moment of pride for me and, of course, for my institute – Mantram Staff Nurse Academy – which played a dominant role in shaping my destiny. I owe my deep gratitude to the institute that made things easier for me to achieve what I aspired for.   

Those who helped in shaping my career trajectory by sowing the seeds of success are for too many whom I like to say big thanks. First of all, I owe hugely to my parents, my real role models, who allowed me to pursue my passion. I like to credit my success to my beloved institute that offered me homely atmosphere and high-tech infrastructure to make it happen.
I am also indebted to the caring and compassionate faculty that greatly inspired me to pursue my dreams and accomplish my mission by clearing the roadblocks coming my way. A far-sighted faculty with years’ of practical experience in the field made it a little too easier. They were always there for me to extend a helping hand.

I also hold out that drive, dedication and determination on the part of the aspirant play a significant role in the run-up to achieve goals. And, if you choose Mantram Staff Nurse Coaching Academy, you are investing in the right direction to secure your future. The institute takes care of your career and imparts coaching, to your satisfaction, and meets your other requirements. Mantram Study Group is the one and only institute in this part of the country, which can deliver what it promises.

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